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William A. Richards

Surveyor to Statesman

The son of pioneers and a surveyor who became an American statesman, Richards deserves to be better known. He guided the new State of Wyoming as its governor, and as commissioner of the General Land Office advanced the conservation agenda of President Theodore Roosevelt. 

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5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon:

“Informative and engaging...a must-read biography and nonfiction book!”

Unputdownable, you-are-there record of the life of a surveyor, one of the unsung heroes of the westward expansion.

1869 • As a young man looking for work in the frontier town of Omaha, and then as a fledgling surveyor laying out townships for settlement in Nebraska

1873 & 1874 • Surveying the rugged southern and western boundaries of Wyoming Territory

1884 & 1885 • Exploring and homesteading in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin

Plus biographical articles, explanations of surveying terms, his published hunting stories, and his relevant letters.

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